What Does the Future Hold for Articles in Marketing?

Articles are often assigned as homework to students in high school or college.

Students can find articles through online databases, such as LexisNexis. They can also search for them at the library.

Articles are one of the oldest content formats on the internet. They were often used to create posts back in the day when HTML was not available. Today, they are still used as posts and other types of content, although their use has greatly decreased because there are many other formats that can be used to create content for digital media.

Articles can contain text, images, video files and hyperlinks to other sites. Articles may also include embedded video clips or sound files which may be played without leaving the website page. The articles themselves are typically short with a word count between 500-1500 words is most common for news articles but they can also be much longer if it’s a feature post or case study type of article.

A recent development that is changing the way we use articles is

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